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Before and after Almost Perfect

At the beginning of this year, I spent a couple of weeks at the Almost Perfect creative residence in Tokyo, run by Luis and Yuka. This week Luis and Yuka published a podcast we recorded during my residence. The first half was recorded on the first day of my stay, and the second half was recorded on the last day. We discuss the creative process, attitudes toward work in Japan, and how my thinking evolved during my time at Almost Perfect. Use the player below to listen, or check out the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Links from the episode Rethinking work beyond the factory, the presentation I gave at Almost Perfect My favorite coffee in Japan was at Leaves Coffee Roasters and Glitch Coffee My co-resident Stu Livingston’s Almost Perfect interview Seiko Museum Ginza and Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi Preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Properties


Talking shop with Ben Weiss

Today I’m publishing a podcast with Ben Weiss about creator versus software businesses. While a student at Northwestern University, Ben founded Zcruit - a software for college football recruiting. After graduating, he continued to grow the business, and eventually sold it to a private equity firm. After being a successful software founder, Ben transitioned to working on creator businesses as he became the head of operations at Meat Mafia, a media company in a period of rapid growth. Today, he continues to work with creator businesses to help them grow and scale. In this episode, we discuss the differences between creator and software businesses, the challenges of each, and how they can collaborate. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, or many other players. Watch the interview on YouTube here. Links from the episode Ben’s website Philip’s website Zcruit Meat Mafia The World After Capital 37Signals Marques Brownlee Joins Ridge as Executive Board Member, Equity Investor, and Chief Creative Partner Show notes 00:00 Introduction to the podcast and guest 00:25 From software to creator businesses: Ben Weiss’s journey 01:43 Deep dive into ZCruit: Building and selling a software company 02:33 Transition...


How I build multiple products

I recently joined the SaaS Growth Podcast to talk about Contraption Company, product studios, and building multiple products like Booklet and Postcard. I think the interview covered some interesting topics, so I wanted to share it here. In the podcast, I discuss the concept of a product studio, the challenges of running multiple products, and the importance of creating products that solve real problems. I also explore the value of building communities, the significance of asynchronous communication, and the need for intentional decision-making in product development. We end with some discussion about the nuances of onboarding and product documentation. Listen to the podcast and find links for your podcast player on Links from the episode Formula 1: Drive to Survive - Season 6 Digital Product Studios: “Is it a startup?” (not exactly). “Is it an agency?” (ideally, no). “Do you make apps to spin them out into new companies?” (no). Moonlight Work - My last company, still operating today. Booklet - Async community app from Contraption Company. Staffjoy - My first company, now open-source on Github PullRequest snags remote developer hiring platform Moonlight Postcard - Personal websites to replace social media, from Contraption Company. Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint Presentations...


Talking shop with Aaron Cohn from realnice

Today I’m publishing an conversation I had with Aaron Cohn for the Contraption Company podcast. Aaron is the co-founder of realnice, a simple personal website builder. realnice competes with my product, Postcard, which is also a personal website builder. So, I thought it would be fun to sit down with a competitor and talk shop. This isn’t the first time that Aaron and I have competed. In this episode, we discuss how we met, our different approaches to building website software, no-code, craft versus indie software, and more. This conversation offers a deep dive into the nuances of modern software development, valuable for anyone interested in the tech industry’s latest trends. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, or many other players. Watch the interview on YouTube here. Links from the episode Connnect with Aaron on Connect with Philip on realnice Postcard Moonlight A.Team Startup buys startup: PullRequest snags remote developer hiring platform Moonlight Advice for marketplace startups Zero-sum game Status quo Marginal cost Notion Figma Slack Strava Airbnb Uber Network effect The Cold Start Problem: How to Start and Scale Network Effects Dreamweaver Wordpress Squarespace Wix Linktree...

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