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How I build multiple products

An interview on the SaaS Growth Podcast about building a product studio

I recently joined the SaaS Growth Podcast to talk about Contraption Company, product studios, and building multiple products like Booklet and Postcard. I think the interview covered some interesting topics, so I wanted to share it here.

In the podcast, I discuss the concept of a product studio, the challenges of running multiple products, and the importance of creating products that solve real problems. I also explore the value of building communities, the significance of asynchronous communication, and the need for intentional decision-making in product development. We end with some discussion about the nuances of onboarding and product documentation.

Listen to the podcast and find links for your podcast player on

Show notes

  • 00:00 Welcome to the SaaS Growth Podcast with Philip Thomas
  • 00:54 The Genesis of Contraption Company and Product Studio Philosophy
  • 05:15 Exploring the Product Suite: From Postcard to Booklet
  • 06:38 The Asynchronous Communication Revolution with Booklet
  • 14:30 Building and Sustaining Online Communities
  • 18:43 Navigating the Challenges of Remote and Asynchronous Work
  • 24:12 The Contraption Company’s Future and Product Strategy
  • 31:18 Advice for Builders: Thinking Big and Staying Resilient
  • 38:44 Onboarding and Documentation: Balancing User Education and Discovery
  • 43:04 Wrapping Up: Insights and Future Directions

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