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Coding a Booklet AI feature

Video of building OpenAI-powered post suggestions

This morning, I added a new feature to Booklet. I used OpenAI to suggest new posts to write, to make it easier for members to post. It looks like this:

Booklet AI post suggestions

Inspired by a podcast I was listening to on the way to my office, I decided to record the process of building the feature and publish it as a video.

You can watch the full video below, where I go from idea to launching the feature to all Booklet communities in two and a half hours. I hope it’s helpful to see how I work, the tools I use, and the process of building an AI-powered feature from scratch.

I start with an idea, implement multiple-draft post support, write an OpenAI prompt to suggest new posts, test the AI in production, tweak the prompt based on its performance, implement a skeleton loader to display the suggestions, connect the suggestions to the editor, then deploy it to all Booklet communities.

Recording a coding video is a bit of a crazy experiment, but I hope some people find it useful. If you have questions or feedback, email me.

Watch the video on YouTube →

Notes from the recording

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